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Employer Story: Andrea Rogers- Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd.

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Worcestershire Medal Service Ltd. have recently employed their 3rd apprentice with us. We spent some time with the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, Andrea Rogers to find out more about their experience of employing apprentices.

What benefits have taking on apprentices brought to your business?

You feel like you are giving back.

People on apprenticeships are positive, keen and come with plenty of enthusiasm.

How many apprentices have you taken on with AGL Training?

3 and we are currently recruiting for a 4th.

Do you think you may take on more apprentices with us in the future?

Yes, definitely.

What are your thoughts on the service you have received so far?

It has been really good, really professional, people we have sent for the positions are a really good standard so already they have a good quality of candidates to interview, what we send are exactly the type of candidates they are looking for.

What would your advice be to other businesses who are looking into taking on an apprentice?

Go for it, because they make brilliant team members and you can learn from them as well

Having apprentices also can benefit businesses with tenders/ funding.

Any other comments you would like to add?

We are so busy and it is fantastic that you do all the sorting out and organising, the hardest part is deciding which applicant to pick!

All candidates are always dressed smart and engage well in the interviews.


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