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Rachael Oakley, Director of Intelligence at DeterTech, shares her apprenticeship journey...

I have worked for DeterTech, previously known as SmartWater, for 13 years working my way up through various roles, including an Intelligence Analyst, Senior Analyst, Business Development Manager, Head of Sales and Operations to my current role as Director of Intelligence.

Prior to joining the company, I was an Intelligence Analyst for West Mercia Police following a career change from Journalism, which is what my degree was in.

I decided to complete a L5 in Operations / Departmental Management because my role was evolving rapidly and I wanted to ensure I had the required training and knowledge to best drive and manage my team and I felt the L5 course would achieve this.

The amount of knowledge I gained on this course has been invaluable, but most enjoyable for me was completing the knowledge questions, I thoroughly enjoyed learning the different problem-solving techniques and also the time management techniques, something I knew I needed to manage better in my day-to-day role.

I have used the skills I developed in my daily role, applying the time management techniques and also regularly using some of the methods learnt throughout, I have also learned to keep my CPD updated regularly which is something I didn’t do before.

I found the course to be delivered in a way that allowed me the freedom to focus on my day job, particularly during busy times for the business, whilst still providing me with the support and motivation I needed to complete the course and the work assigned to me. OneFile was great for reminding me of tasks and giving me that gentle nudge needed to ensure I was up to date with all assignments.

I would thoroughly recommend this course to others wanting to develop their skills and knowledge in operational management and I would advise any future candidates to fully make use of the knowledge and support of the tutors throughout.

I think the course has meant I provide a much more efficient and considered approach to my work and to the running of my team as a result of everything I’ve learned.


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