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British Values


British Values are the freedoms, rights and responsibilities we have all become accustomed to.

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on organisations that provide education and training to promote British Values and Challenge Extremism. This duty has been introduced as a method of reducing the likelihood of young people and adults being drawn into extremism and is now included in Ofsted inspections.


British Values include: 


Democracy is a government of people who rule by majority; for example we have the right to vote, we have a general election every 5 years to decide on our local MP, this is the person who represents our area.


All people and all institutions have the responsibility to respect and uphold law which is fairly applied and enforced. Nobody is above the law. An example of a law you must follow is the Equality Act 2010, you should treat individuals with equal levels of respect regardless...


Individual Liberty is being able to use the rights you have outside of the governments control. We have the right to make our own choices and do what we want in life. For example, you had the right to decide if you want to go onto college or an apprenticeship after school.


Mutual Respect and Tolerance is having the right to be treated with respect but also have the responsibility to treat other people with respect considering the impact our actions and words have on other people. It’s about understanding that we don’t all have the same values, ideas, faith and beliefs and not trying to force ours on others. An example of this would be avoiding stereotyping people, stereotyping someone means that you have a fixed image or idea of a person, for example all French people wear stripy tops.

Extremism is “Vocal or active opposition to fundamental British Values”

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