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Harry Law: My Apprenticeship Story

Qualification: Level 3 Business Administrator

Time on programme so far: 6 months on the programme

Job title: Admin/ IT Development Apprentice

Why did you decide to go down the apprenticeship route?

I felt it was more useful for the future to have practical experience as well as the qualification. Job experience for me was better than going to university.

Where did you find out about your Apprenticeship?


What personal skills have you built on during your apprenticeship?

My communication, organisational skills and my business knowledge

Have you overcome any challenges since being on your Apprenticeship?

My communication skills, I speak on the phone a lot so building my confidence has been a big thing.

What are your thoughts on the service you have received from AGL Training Ltd?

It has been really good, my assessor has been really helpful, I can email him at any time for help. He gives me lots of positive feedback and support

What would you say to other people looking into an Apprenticeship?

Definitely go for it, in my age category we are pressured to go to university but I think apprenticeships are the way forward.


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