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From Apprentice to Celebrity

Elvis Presley–

We may know Elvis Presley as the “King of Rock and Roll” but after leaving high school, Elvis started training as an electrician through the apprenticeship route.

He used music to fill his spare time. He once told journalists “I was training to be an electrician.

I suppose I got wired the wrong way around somewhere along the line.'

“We can’t build our dreams on suspicious minds.”

Billy Connolly-

Billy Connolly started in a shipyard in Glasgow, as an apprentice welder. Connolly says, “it was comforting, especially when you’re young, still trying yourself out for size and finding your voice.”

Billy Connolly won a BAFTA lifetime achievement award, he was named the number one greatest stand-up comedian by Channel 4, starred in films such as Disney’s Brave, The Boondock Saints and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and he was knighted in 2017.

“If you give people a chance, they shine”

Alex Ferguson-

Alex Ferguson started as an apprentice toolmaker in Glasgow, where according to a fellow apprentice he was renowned for his wisdom and fierce protection of workers. He then was titled the shop steward and his leadership skills became even more apparent in his football career.

Alex Ferguson then became the most successful football manager in Premier League history, winning thirteen titles.

“It’s amazing what can happen when you give young people an opportunity. They thrive on it; they don’t let you down.”

“Apprenticeships today will translate into the skilled workforce of tomorrow”

Henry Ford-

Who is the founder Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford left his parents’ Michigan farm in 1879 and moved to Detroit. There he started a career as an apprentice machinist. Henry Ford then continued to learn the basics of what helped him invent the world’s first affordable, mass-produced car. He spent part of his course working at a place called the Edison Illuminating Company, which was the company of the lightbulb inventor, Thomas Edison.

“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do’

George Clarke-

A famous architect who is now a star of Channel 4’s ‘George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces’. George has said that he was concerned about continuing onto his A-Levels and getting into a university he used the yellow pages to find a job in architecture and sent letters to every architecture business within a 15-mile radius, finally one got back to him and processed him onto a BTEC in Building Construction in a college.

“My apprenticeship was the foundation for everything that has happened since.”

Ringo Starr-

Ringo Starr began his working life as an apprentice machinist, earning transferable skills and knowledge that would have played a hand in his lasting success in the music industry.

Ringo and the Beatles went on to be nominated for 24 Grammys (8 of which they won), win an Oscar and become the greatest selling band in history.

“Of course, I’m ambitious. What’s wrong with that? Otherwise, you sleep all day.”

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