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Employer: How to take on an Apprentice

One of the main questions we get asked is “How does my business take on an Apprentice?”

Taking on an apprentice is simple…

After AGL have visited your company to find out more about your business and requirements we will ask you to provide us with a job description for the Apprentice role (this is something we can support you with). AGL will then facilitate the recruitment process on your behalf; we advertise the position, telephone interview applicants and prepare a shortlist which we then send to you. All you must do is select the candidates you would like to interview face-to-face, provide us with a day and time you would like to invite the candidates along and we will make the arrangements for you. We confirm when the interview has been booked and send out interview confirmation to the candidates.

After you have interviewed candidates of interest and have found the perfect Apprentice for your business we ask that you provide us with a start date and we make the employment offer to the candidate on your behalf. The candidate then becomes your Apprentice / employee. At this stage we recommend that you follow your normal recruitment / induction programme, i.e. sending out an offer letter.

When the Apprentice commences employment an AGL Assessor is allocated to them, the Assessor will contact you to arrange to attend to sign up the Apprentice onto their qualifications. The Assessor will then visit every 4-6weeks to work through the qualifications with the Apprentice. Our Assessor will also support you, as an employer of an Apprentice and provide you with regular updates on the Apprentice’s progress.

Our Apprenticeship programmes run over 12-18months, depending on the qualification and level being taken. At the end of the programme most employers we work with then offer the Apprentice a full-time position within the business.

The current apprentice minimum rate is £3.70, however some employers do decide to pay more. This rate would increase to the minimum wage of the employees age at the end of the 12 month programme. (Apprentices must work a minimum of 30 hours per week).

If this blog hasn’t answered all your questions why not contact us today to find out more? We have an online chat service or you can call 01952 743 495 / email


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