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Environment and Sustainability Policy 



Environment:  Surrounding conditions, influences, or forces, by which living forms are influenced and modified in their growth and development.


Sustainability:  Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  Sustainable development must address environmental, economic, and social factors and the interrelationships between them.


The aim of this policy is to comply with current environmental legislation, consider and assess, taking action where necessary to continuously improve environmental practice and emphasise to employees at all levels their own  responsibility to the environmental well being, giving training and information where applicable.


The objectives of this policy are to ensure that all environmental risks are assessed, managed and controlled, to promote and adopt best practice, to maintain and develop the company in a sustainable manner and to develop employees and students by providing training and information on environmental management and sustainability.


This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis in July each year by the directors of AGL Training.


We will practice the following principles in order to achieve our objectives:


We will reduce waste where possible by thinking about what we buy and how we use products within our workplace.


Non-essential documents and emails will not be printed or, if necessary, double sided printing will be used in black ink which should be set as default.  We will annually review all paper internal documents and external publications to establish if they are essential.


Wherever possible we will not use disposable cups and food packaging and for events packaging will be minimised as much as possible. All monitors, computers and lights will be switched off overnight and when not in the office.


We will re-use wherever possible by trying to find a second life for items, especially paper and office stationery.  Scrap paper will be used for taking messages and for writing notes or draft copies of documents.


We will recycle all paper, card, glass, plastic and tins.  These items will be sent to be recycled.  If office furniture or IT equipment is being replaced then we will seek to have those items reused or recycled.


We will continuously aim to improve our environment awareness when purchasing products and will consider sourcing from environmentally aware companies and local companies to reduce delivery miles.  We use ethical banking options where applicable.


Travel is a necessity in our working environment, but car sharing is and will continue to be encouraged.


A contingency plan is in place in case of break in/fire/other.  (AGLP30A)


Future targets:


To investigate environmental legislation.

Review the ethical credentials of our suppliers.

When an item needs replacing, source a product with lower environmental impact.

Encourage staff to effectively plan their journeys to reduce the emissions from their vehicles when on business journeys.


Work toward paperless systems (e-portfolio)



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