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Health and Safety Policy


·         The policy of AGL Training Ltd is to provide and maintain working conditions which are safe and without risk to health to its employees and learners.  It is the company’s objective to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees and learners in so far as is reasonably practicable.  Copies of the health & safety policy statement are issued to all employees and learners.


·         The policy of AGL Training Ltd is to ensure that working conditions for both its employees and learners are safe and meet all the legal requirements.


·         AGL Training Ltd will ensure that learners and employees have sufficient information, instruction and supervision to be able to carry out their roles safely.


·         The Directors of AGL Training Ltd are responsible for ensuring that the company and its employees and partners comply with current and future Health and Safety legislation and funding agencies contractual requirements.


·         The company Directors are responsible for ensuring that client organisations provide safe working environments for learners through formal risk assessment and continued review and monitoring.


·         The company Directors are responsible for ensuring that its assessors are aware of their responsibilities for monitoring the safety of learners and follow AGL Training Ltd.’s procedures for reporting injuries and dangerous occurrences.


·         The Director for Training and Development as the ‘Competent Person’ has the overall responsibility for all Health and Safety requirements.


·         All AGL Training Ltd.’s employees and Assessors have a duty to report all incidents involving staff and learners that have led to or may lead to injury.


·         All employees and learners have a duty to comply with the AGL Training Ltd.’s Health and Safety policy and sponsor/employer Health and Safety policies whilst on their premises.


·         All AGL Training Ltd.’s Assessors must familiarise themselves with client organisation’s fire and emergency procedures and services.

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