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We Have Improved!!

In September 2018 we carried out an Employer Satisfaction Survey and we were really excited and proud to share the results with you. We carried out the same survey in March 2019, not only did we receive more responses, we are thrilled to say our statistics have improved!

March 2019 Results

"100% of AGL Training Ltd's employers answered Good or Outstanding when asked how likely they are to recommend AGL to other employers".

September 2018 Results

"How would you rate how well you have been made aware of what the apprenticeship / training programme involves? "

Increased from 91% to 95%!

"How would you rate the information you receive about progress and how you can support the apprentice / learner?"

Increased from 82% to 90%.

"How would you rate how regular your apprentice / learner is seen by their trainer/tutor/assessor? "

Increased from 82% to 100%.

"How would you rate how likely you are to recommend AGL Training Ltd to other employers?"

Increased from 91% to 100%!

Quote from our Director:

"Amazing to see the success and improvement on all five areas within the last 6 months. It is brilliant to see that we are living up to our strap line of striving for excellence and we now need to look to maintain and excel in other areas. Well done team!" Aaron Biggam - Director and founder.
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