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Direct Claims Status Awarded

Thanks to the hard work and expertise of our Lead IQA, Olwen Spilsbury, AGL Training Ltd has been recognised for its thorough and meticulous Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) processes and procedures by being awarded Direct Claims Status (DCS), for three of our more popular qualifications; Business Administration Level 2, Performing Manufacturing Operations Level 2 and Management Level 3.

We were proud to receive feedback such as:

· “The evidence presented is valid, authentic, reliable, current and sufficient and meets the requirements of the qualification.”

· “Learners are appropriately supported through the qualification by their assessor, individual needs are identified, and appropriate support provided.”

· “Assessor feedback to the learner is extensive, supportive and developmental and clearly shows how assessment criteria have been met.”

· “A sampling plan is maintained and where applicable formative and summative sampling is evident and the IQA arrangements are in line with any requirements listed in the associated qualification specification.”

· “IQA feedback to the assessor is effective, supportive and developmental and actions are in place where required. Where applicable, actions set for the assessor are followed up and signed off”.

“Olwen Spilsbury is a valued member of the team, we appreciate all the hard work and effort she has put in to achieve this. We are very lucky to have Olwen, she has years of experience across multiple industries and is a great asset, team player and mentor.” Aaron Biggam – Director

“We already have DCS for other qualifications we deliver, so it is great to achieve DCS for these qualifications also. We have come along way over the last 12 months, it shows dedication from our team, it shows our quality is expectational but …there is always room for improvement.” Olwen Spilsbury – Lead IQA

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